About us

When we started our retail business early in 2019, we weren’t aware how difficult it would be for an independent food store to source high quality products at a reasonable cost. We were almost forced to either order from giant food distributors and accept their crazy order minimums and high prices, or work directly with the manufacturers and order more product than we can possibly sell in our own retail store. We chose the hard way and decided to work with the manufacturers directly because we were obsessed with seeking the highest quality innovative products at the most reasonable prices so that we could be competitive in our own business against chain stores that have huge buying power. We ate the cost so as to be able offer these hidden gems to our customers at super competitive prices. Over time we found out that many independent store owners share our pain and are taken hostage by these massive distributors and cannot compete with regional, national or global chain competitors. We started collaborating with businesses like ours and found ourselves to be really good at identifying, sourcing and sharing amazing new products that come from passionate businesses with a purpose.

Here we are with our wholesale program and we invite you to join our program to take advantage of these deals and support our mission to find high quality products that are not easy to source at competitive prices.

This is what we offer:

  • We care about you as our top priority because we know what it means to be an independent business
  • We are flexible and responsive to your needs if you are ever in need of products beyond which we currently offer
  • We are good at identifying products of high potential as we are able to test these brands in our own store and validate their performance
  • We have no order minimums, you can order as little as a case
  • If you are within Metro-Boston, we deliver it to you once a week free of charge
  • If you are outside of Metro-Boston, we ship it to you for a nominal charge
  • Our catalog and entire supply chain is available online so everything is easy to order with a click
  • You can reach us anytime you like via email or telephone (7am-9pm Mon-Sun)

We look forward to seeing your business join us in this endeavor.

Cenk Emre

Founder & General Manager
Freerange Market